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  • Vessel Biosciences can create an effective learning process for new nurses and phlebotomists alike. We are equipping the next generation of healthcare. When just starting out is the highest risk of errors because there is a lack of experience. Identification of vein on human arm requires skill and practice. Vein identification is extremely difficult in case of patients in trauma, small children (24% of population), neonatal, pediatrics, patients with low BP and obese persons (30% of population). In such cases, the process of finding vein delay the treatment and in some emergency occasions a delay in treatment causes death. An improper vein puncture leads to several complications ranging from pain to internal bleeding. Some of the complications due to faulty vein puncture are Haematoma Formation, Nerve Damage & Pain, Hemoconcentration, Edema and Thrombus, Extra- Vacation, Latrogenic Anaemia, Arterial Puncture, Excessive Bleeding, Pete-Chiae, Allergies, Fear and Phobia.