• Since the onset of intravenous procedures, the consequences of failing to locate a viable vein have not been addressed effectively. Healthcare workers resort to solutions that hinder the learning process and add significant cost to both the patient and employers. 35% injections fail on first puncture resulting in patient discomfort according to a recent scientific study.


    We are the solution to primary puncture success.


    The vein finder device utilizes the absorption characteristics in human tissue and optics to differentiate deoxygenated blood, veins, from the skin. Illumination to the dermis emitted at a specific angle, pattern, and intensity distinguishes the vein from melanin. At the correct focal point, the vein can be seen. There is an opening at that specific area to allow for syringe insertion. It is an intuitive design solution to a global problem. Easy attachable to the patient's arm allows the user to maximize their performance. We insure that sanitization is used between product use.


    Blood samples remain critical diagnostic tools in hospitals today, informing 70% of clinical decisions. Accurate, timely diagnosis depends on obtaining high-quality samples. Rejected samples that need to be redrawn result in delayed care, additional patient discomfort and cost.


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